Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s daughter Blue Ivy bid $19,000 on a piece of art at an auction this weekend

Some parenting problems are universal — and some, only Beyoncé and Jay-Z could possibly understand. Kid begs and whines for a new toy: Universal. Kid bids $19,000 for a piece of art that her parents are on the hook for: That’s purely a Bey-and-Jay problem.

On Saturday, the couple’s daughter Blue Ivy sat between them at an upscale art gala and auction — and used her own paddle to bid $19,000 on a single piece of art.

Now, fans have sounded off about her outrageous spending habits on Twitter, sharing their disbelief at the scale of the little girl’s allowance.

Bidding big! Blue Ivy seemed to know a thing or two about the art world as she sat between her mom and dad bidding on pieces  but Tyler was determined to get the painting of Sidney Poitier

Versus everyone else: Twitter users have cracked jokes about her outrageous spending habits

Classy: This woman joked that Blue's taste is much more high-brow than hers was at the same age

Comparison: A lot of people seemed disheartened by how their own financial situations compare to Blue's

Hook a girl up? Several seem to want a little financial help from Blue

Different worlds: They've outlined how truly different the little girl's life is

The trio attended the Wearable Art Gala at WACO Theatre Center in Los Angeles on Saturday evening, and sat together while celebrity auctioneer Star Jones announced the pieces up for grabs.

A broken glass mosaic by artist Tiffanie Anderson called Young Sidney, of actor Sidney Poitier, caught Blue’s attention, and she raised her paddle to big $17,000 for it. After Tyler Perry tried to outbid her, she raised her offered price to $19,000

‘Y’all made me come out from the podium because Blue was out there bidding,’ Star Jones told the crowd.

‘Her mother and father have been talking about how you gather art and that is a big deal for African Americans,’ Jones said. ‘Miss Tina [Knowles] told me all of that.’

Ultimately, Tyler Perry won the mosaic with a $20,000 bid, but video of Blue’s participation went viral — and social media users cracked jokes about the eyebrow-raising incident.

‘Blue Ivy just giggling while bidding $19,000 of my damn college tuition away. I needa go back to sleep,’ quipped one.

Taste: Blue bid for this mosaic called Young Sidney by Tiffanie Anderson


A few humorously imagined what Beyoncé and Jay-Z said to Blue before the event

Rhymes: This fan predicted what Blue's rap single might sound like one day

Differences: Many could not imagine a reality in which they'd allow their kids to get something so expensive

Whoops: While Beyoncé merely smiled while Blue bid, this woman's mother was disciplined her for buying a Pay-Per-View movie without permission

 Normal: It's clear Blue is not like most six-year-olds

‘Woke up this morning feeling good and positive. The stuff i wanna do feels like it’s coming together ……….but then i see Blue Ivy bidding for $19,000 art like its a game. So i went back to sleep to start my day over again,’ wrote another, posting a string of crying-from-laughing emojis. ‘Gotta love it!’

‘Blue Ivy bidding $19k on art & I’m out here surviving solely off free trials,’ joked a third.

One fan gave the little girl props, pointing out that she would not have spent her money on something so high-brow at that age.

‘At least Blue Ivy is investing her allowance. I would have blown $20,000 at the Limited Too at her age,’ she wrote.

Several compared their own financial situations to Blue’s, laughing at how wildly different they are.

‘Blue ivy out here bidding $19,000 for art meanwhile i’m out here paying for my iced coffee in quarters,’ wrote one.

Mind-blowing: Quite a few Twitter users seemed to have trouble wrapping their heads around having Blue's budget

Spoiled: One of the most commented-upon aspects was her parents' approval

Rough: Most people just felt much, much poorer by comparison

Yuck: This person was having a good day until he compared himself unfavorably to Blue

Shining star! The Lemonade talent, 36, commanded attention in a futuristic gold gown while gracing the gala at LA's Alexandria Ballrooms with Blue Ivy and her mother Tina Lawson

Wakandan wardrobe: Wearable Art Gala was put on by WACO Theater Center, embracing a Black Panther inspired #WACOtoWakanda theme for the evening

One imagined Blue one day dropping her first rap single, including the lyric: ‘You b****es so broke, I swear you make me sick/I been getting 19K in art since I was only six.’

‘Imagine going to your first auction at 6 and your parents say “You better stay in your budget, nothing over 20k,”‘ wrote another.

Several also pointed out how different their own parents were compared to Beyoncé and Jay-Z, who both smiled and laughed while Blue bid for the artwork (which they presumably paid for).

‘Blue Ivy really was allowed to place a $19,000 bid on some art and her parents smiled in adoration. When I was 6 I ordered a PPV movie without permission and my momma beat my a**,’ one person tweeted.

‘When I was 6 my mom told me “Don’t ask for nothing and don’t touch nothin’ cuz you ain’t gettin’ nothing,”‘ said yet another. ‘Blue Ivy out here biding $19k for a painting.’

The WACO to Wakanda themed gala, where Kim Crawford Wine was exclusively poured, was hosted by Blue Ivy’s grandmother Tina.

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